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What Travel Paperwork Should you carry?

What should you bring with you when you travel? It’s always better to be safe rather then sorry when it comes to paperwork when out of country.

I carry a folder in my carry-on, you should as well, and here are the items I suggest you carry in it:

  1. A color copy of your passport picture. This can come in handy if you were to lose or have your passport stolen as it has the passport number on it and other useful information.
  2. A color copy of your state drivers license. It’s always good to have in case your wallet is stolen.
  3. A Certificate of Immunization from your state that shows your up to date travel immunization status.
  4. A copy of your glasses and contact lenses prescription (if you wear them). You can’t get a refill of contacts or replacement glasses without it and you never know what could happen.
  5. A certified wedding certificate. This is especially important if you and your spouse don’t share a last name. If one of you is injured this can make sure you don’t run into issues.
  6. A paper copy of your travel insurance information. Travel insurance is a must! I like Seven Corners or REI for travel insurance. Print out a copy of the information and put it in your folder in case you have to use it.
  7. Paper copies of your flight info, hotel and car reservations. If you don’t have cell service, or if your phone is dead this might be handy to have to refer to.

In your phone: Scan a copy of your will and power of attorney to have in case you, or your partner, have an emergency. It’s something we hate to think about but anything can happen and we want to be prepared.

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